Are you looking for a spoon full of spicy flavours that will combust in your mouth? Then look no further as we introduce you to an unrivalled spicy guacamole recipe. Guacamole is easy to make and a perfect appetizer to treat your friends and family. Its authentic flavour created by a mix of simple and fresh ingredients will satisfy your palate. 

So, without wasting any time, let us learn this perfect starter easy-to-make-at-home recipe that takes only 15 minutes and will be the talk of your luncheon. 

Ingredients You Will Need For Your Spicy Guacamole

Are you ready with your knife and chopping board? Then let us talk about a list of ingredients that work together to make your guacamole spicy and delicious:

  • Avocados: The first and most significant ingredient of your guacamole are three ripe avocados that give this appetizer its fresh green colour. Ensure that they are a perfect balance between too hard and too soft. 
  • Cilantro: Another ingredient you should not miss is ½ cup of freshly chopped cilantro. 
  • Onion: You can pick from red, white and yellow onions. Our pick is red onions if you want a strong flavour with crunch. However, white and yellow onion also bring perfect flavours to your dip and chop ½ of your pick. 
  • Lime Juice: For a tangy and light taste, you must squeeze from 1 and a ½ to 2 fresh limes.
  • Peppers: You can add one jalapeno pepper for a milder taste or choose spicier serrano peppers according to your spice needs. 
  • Garlic: You can add garlic if you are looking for more spice. 
  • Ground Cumin: As an option, you can add ½ tsp ground cumin to give your spicy guacamole recipe a smoky flavour. 
  • Tomato: Use a tomato medium in size. Make sure that your tomato is juicy and ripe.
  • Seasoning: Add according to your taste.

Steps For Preparing Spicy Guacamole

If you have the above-listed ingredients in your cart, start preparing your spicy guacamole recipe. 

  • Start by pitting the avocados. Cut them in half and remove the pits. Further, scrape them from their peel or slice them before scooping them out in a bowl.
  • Your next step is to take a fork or potato masher to mash the avocados until they have a chunky texture. Do not entirely mash them. 
  • Add finely chopped onion, fresh cilantro and pressed garlic to the same bowl.
  • You can chop your tomato and add it to the other ingredients. If you want, parallelly cut your tomato in half to remove seeds before chopping the tomato.
  • Next, finely slice your jalapeno or serrano after removing the seeds. You can leave one or two seeds to make your guacamole spicier.
  • Add ground cumin, lime juice, dry black pepper powder, and salt to this mix.
  • Next, mix all the ingredients and serve with chips, veggies, or any other pairing. 


To add spice to your party, you can serve spicy guacamole. The recipe is simple and uses only nine ingredients. You can add sriracha to your guacamole recipe to further spice up things. 

Recreate around with spice levels to fit your requirements, while you can serve this dip with tortilla chips, veggies, and more.