It is not necessary that you must undergo surgery for any heart-related issue as, at times, you can address these issues with medications, lifestyle changes, or any nonsurgical ways. But there are times when the issue is quite grave, and at those times, you have to opt for cardiac surgery abroad.

There are different types of cardiac surgery that you can find on the market, and you may opt for any of these surgeries based on what your problem is. In this guide, you will learn about the different forms of cardiac surgery available on the market.

What Are the Different Types of Cardiac Surgery?

There are different forms of cardiac surgery, and some of the common ones are as follows:

  • Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)

This is one of the common forms of cardiac surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon takes a healthy vein or artery from other places in your body and then connects it to supply blood past the coronary artery.

The vein or grafted artery can bypass the portion of the coronary artery that can help create another path for blood to flow to the heart muscle. This is often done for more than a single coronary artery in the same surgery. This surgery is also sometimes known as a heart bypass or coronary artery bypass surgery.

  • Heart valve replacement or repair

In this form of cardiac surgery abroad, the surgeons replace the valve with an artificial one or repair the valve. They can also replace the valve with either a human, pig, or cow heart tissue. One of the repair options is to insert a catheter via a large blood vessel, guide it to the heart and then inflate/deflate a tiny balloon at the point of the catheter for widening a narrow valve.

  • Maze surgery

This is another form of cardiac surgery where the surgeon forms a pattern of scar tissue in the heart's upper chamber. This is done to direct electrical signals along a controlled path that goes to the lower heart chambers. This surgery helps block the stray electrical signals that usually cause atrial fibrillation (a common form of serious arrhythmia).

  • Aneurysm repair

In this form of cardiac surgery abroad, a weak section of the heart wall or artery is replaced with a graft or patch to repair a ballooning bulge in the wall or artery of the heart muscle.

  • Heart transplant

This is one of the common cardiac surgeries that people opt for. In this case, the diseased heart is usually removed and then replaced with a healthy heart from a dead donor. Hearts are usually provided by donors who are no longer alive.

  • Insertion of VAD or TAH

VAD is a mechanical pump that can help support heart function and the flow of blood. Whereas a TAH can help replace the two lower heart chambers.

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